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Recovery Home

The Victory Outreach Recovery Home is a ministry of the local church and it is free of charge. The Home provides a residential, Christian environment for men and women. The purpose of the Home is to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been destroyed or disrupted by drugs, alcohol and/or other substance abuse by establishing three essential values; a commitment to Christ, restoration of the family and a positive work ethic.

We have recently started and established our Woman's Home that finally happened after 6 years of praying. God is truly doing amazing things in the lives of these special young men and woman.

For more information about our Recovery Home please call our office on (012) 804-7774 during office hours. E-mail: victoryoutreach_pretoria@yahoo.co.za.
Facebook: VO Pretoria.

Local Outreach

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    - Victory Outreach Pta Recovery Home -
    Here are only some of the wonderful things happening at Victory Outreach Pretoria. We want to thank everyone for their support, prayers and commitment over the years. We appreciate every donation, the time you have taken out to partner with us to see the vision of restoring the lives of the men and women in the recovery home. Many lives have been restored in the Recovery Home. They dedicate their lives to the higher purpose God has for them, leaving the graduates disciplined, equiped, motivated and with an impecable work ethic.
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    - CODE RED -
    Code Red is an Outreach Programme unique to Victory Outreach where a large team of evangelists within the church and other support groups hit the streets in a pursuit to reach the twilight treasures of a designated area. These treasures are usually women that work the street caught up and bound to prostitution and drugs. We evangelise and let them know that Jesus has a plan for their lives – connect them to the Recovery Home and assist them through the process.
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    - G.A.N.G. INVASION -
    The G.A.N.G. Invasion is an initiative driven by an energetic group called the .G.A.N.G. “God’s Anointed Now Generation”. The G.A.N.G. Invasion is an act of radical evangelism. A group, anointed by God and enthusiastically tasked to hit the streets of the inner cities where they evangelise, pray and hand out flyers in the most crime ridden areas of the city while telling people the plan and love that Jesus has for them. We also assist them with finding a place in the Recovery Home if necessary.

Cape Town & International

Victory Outreach Cape Town Recovery Home is one of the biggest recovery homes in the world. It houses an estimate of 120 people at any given time.

The need in Cape Town is on a constant increase as drug addiction, gangsterism and prostitution is at the highest level it has ever been. Victory Outreach Cape Town witness the wonder works in power of Jesus Christ as bondages are broken and treasures are set free.
This drama has performed in front of the masses, from the U.S. to the Philippines. From San Francisco to Seattle and now returns to South Africa. SHOTGUN has traveled to over 125 cities throughout the world to bring the message of hope to every inner-city.

This live stage play began in 1991, written by the late Pastor Steve Pineda. His purpose was to see souls saved with the message, hope, and plan of Jesus Christ through live theatre. The play has evolved, but the message is the same.
These men were once bound by a life of crime, gangsterism, violence and drug abuse. They speak of the impact of that the drama "To Live and Die in L.A." made in their lives and how it attracted them the the ministry of Victory Outreach. We should never underestimate the power of the arts as we can see how these men who's lives were transformed by Jesus Christ to never look back to where they came from.